Rolling Valley Sign Becomes an Accident Victim

February 6, 2019

The monument sign at Rolling Road and Greeley Boulevard was hit last Friday night, window. Living on the corner of Rolling Road and Greeley Blvd., the accidents they’d heard don’t surprise them anymore, so they went out to investigate. A car had come off Rolling Road and hit the Rolling Valley monument sign, which was letters on a brick structure. “This was the first time anyone has come that far up,” said Bob Erskine.

“That’s the first one that ran into the sign,” added Sue Erskine, who went out with her cell phone camera just as it was getting dark. “The car was embedded in it,” she said.

Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) heard about the crash and talked to the police who told him the car that hit the sign had gone through the stop sign on Greeley Boulevard. He does know it’s a challenging intersection, and has backed some measures to make it safer, such as the “painted lines to stop cars from going around,” he said.

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