Scope on Pat Herrity’s Commitment and Vision for Springfield, VA As General Election Draws Near

September 25, 2023

Vision Times

By Alina Wang

As Virginia’s general election draws near on Nov. 7, Herrity sat down with Vision Times to share why he is seeking a fifth term, and how he hopes to continue working to improve his district. (Image: Vision Times Staff)

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia — For over a decade, Pat Herrity (R-VA) has dedicated himself as District Supervisor for the thriving communities of Springfield, Virginia. As the state’s general election draws near on Nov. 7, Herrity sat down with Vision Times to share why he is seeking a fifth term, and how he hopes to continue working to improve his district. 

A lifelong resident of Fairfax County, Herrity is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities that define the region. His deep roots in the area are evident — not just in his upbringing — but in his immediate and extended family as well. Herrity’s father, Jack Herrity, served as the former chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. 

“I learned about politics and public service around the kitchen table,” Herrity told Vision Times, describing how he chose to run for public office after noticing his county spiraling in a problematic direction. “After my father passed in 2006, I didn’t like the direction the county was heading, so I decided to run public office in 2007.”

After graduating from West Springfield High School, Herrity went on to continue his education at Virginia Tech, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 1982. “I always swore I would neve run for public office, so I started a career in the business community and did my public service there, coaching sports teams, working with the community, etc.” 


If re-elected, Herrity said his main priorities would be to continue working closely to support law enforcement, tackle surging crime, lower taxes, and bolster education. 

“The increase in crime rate is impacting us all,” said Herrity. “Shoplifting is up by 47 percent and major crime is up pretty much across the board. Our residents deserve and expect their local government to provide them with a safe place to live — and we need to focus on that.”

Springfield District has seen its share of challenges — particularly when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of its residents — said Herrity. “I’ve been proud to lead the effort to hire additional policemen to fill our 200 police officer shortfall.” 

(Image: via Pat Herrity)

Another top issue to tackle revolves around education, said Herrity. As the cornerstone of any community’s future, increasing the county’s educational sector has been an area of focus. “I’m also hearing about education; our test scores have dropped,” said Herrity, adding, “We need to focus our resources on our teachers and our kids in our schools — not on administrators and political agendas.” 

In addition, Herrity said his office is comprehensively working on “addressing the unsustainable tax increases that our employees and residents have seen that are taxing our seniors and young people out of the county.” 

Stressing the importance of fiscal responsibility, Herrity emphasized the significance of not just opposing tax increases but offering solutions. “It’s important not just to vote ‘no,’ but to show how you would actually get to a balanced budget without the tax increase. That makes me different than most people,” he noted.


With a rich professional background, including a “big six background,” Herrity’s expertise spans strategic planning, finance, operations, administration, and more. His recognition as a business community leader, combined with his robust business, political, and public policy connections, has made him an influential figure in the region.

“I have a long list of achievements on the board of supervisors,” said Herrity, while reflecting on his 15-year tenure as Springfield’s supervisor. “Everything from leading two rounds of pension reviews to leading the effort to address panhandling. I’ve also led the effort to address the opioid and fentanyl public health crises.”

In addition, Herrity has been a champion advocate for minority groups and human rights issues in his county. “I’ve reached out and worked with the Asian community on everything from human rights issues to Thomas Jefferson high school (TJHS) admissions.” 

A champion advocate for minority groups in his county, Herrity (center, seated) has worked closely with the Asian-American community in Springfield to tackle issues such as institutional racism, human rights, and more. Here the group is pictured at Sampan Café. (Image: via Pat Herrity)

As one of the most sought-after specialized schools in the country, TJHS is known for its high academic standards and rigorous curriculum. However, despite the hard work and achievements of many Asian-American students in the county, many reported not being informed about financial aid and scholarship opportunities in a timely manner, or being outright denied admission.

Herrity’s professional life also showcases his commitment to excellence and service. Presently working as a financial consultant for a minority woman-owned training company, he is renowned as the “go-to” professional with unmatched leadership, management, and financial skills. Herrity also serves on the Advisory Board of Cordia Partners and has championed an agenda of fiscal responsibility and transparency on the Board of Supervisors.

Bringing a clear vision, robust experience, and steadfast commitment to the county he’s always called home, Herrity is a leader who understands the intricacies and challenges facing his community. 

“The thing I like the most is helping our citizens with the individual problems they have with the government,” said Herrity. “My office is always open to anyone, and anyone who comes can get help.”

Virginia’s general and special elections are slated for Nov. 7, 2023. Early voting began on Sept. 22. For more information, visit Herrity’s official campaign site here.