Business Resume

Progressive management and leadership experience in fast growing organizations. Big six background with expertise in strategic planning, finance, operations, administration, tax strategies, technology commercialization, profit and loss management, proposal strategies, new business development, business systems and controls and project management. Recognized leader in the business community with well-established business, political and public policy connections.



Springfield District Supervisor

Elected to represent the Springfield District in his first run for political office in 2007, with 59 percent of the vote in a very difficult year for Republicans. He was reelected in 2011 with over 97 percent of the vote and again in 2015 with over 80 percent of the vote. He represents and serves over 125,000 citizens in the Springfield District. A recognized leader on the Board of Supervisors.

CFO CONSULTING SERVICE                                                                                                                       

Chief Financial Officer                                                                                             January 2022 – Present

Report directly to the President as a consultant, function in a senior leadership position on the management team of a $45M minority woman owned business providing training and human capital solutions to public and private sector clients.

INTELLIGENT WAVES, LLC, Reston, VA 05/2017 – 05/2021

Chief Financial Officer

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, functioned in a senior leadership position overseeing finance and contract management as well as human resources, facilities and IT management of this $40M small veteran-owned business.

Intelligent Waves LLC is a professional services company, providing mission-critical solutions in technology, cyber, communications and operations. Committed to developing and delivering unmatched experience, excellent service and next generation technologies, Intelligent Waves combines business and technical expertise to drive innovation across the federal government and to commercial customers. As a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business, Intelligent Waves is dedicated to the care of veterans and active-duty service members through work supporting the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

CORDIA PARTNERS, Tysons Corner, VA 01/2016 – Present

Advisory Board Member

Serve as an Advisory Board member of this full-service provider of outsourced accounting, technology and business process consulting, and executive search and recruiting services, with over 15 years of experience serving the small-medium business market. Cordia Partners uses its experience as professional accountants, business people and technology experts, coupled with modern business systems, to provide personalized solutions that work the way our client’s businesses work.

DELEX SYSTEMS, INC., Herndon, VA 01/2014 – 01/2018

Chief Financial Officer & Director

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, functioned in a senior leadership position in the restructuring, turnaround and sale of this $27M federal government contractor providing intelligence, security and training services to the Navy and international customers. Rehired by Delex to turnaround the company that had been experiencing sales and profit decline since reaching $50M in sales in 2011. In June 2014 was promoted to CFO and became the first addition to the Delex Board of Directors in 20 years. The company returned to profitability in fiscal year 2016 and achieved 15% revenue growth in fiscal year 2017. Led the successful effort to position the company for sale and was retained as a consultant to the new owners during 2017. Responsibilities included finance, accounting, contracts, facilities, security and information technology.

Select accomplishments included:
• Led the effort to position the company for sale and successfully completed the sale of the Company to another Navy contractor.

• Reduced corporate indirect staff by $1.5M through process improvements, eliminating duplicate roles and changing corporate culture to an efficient, service oriented corporate staff positioned for growth.

• Initiated a business development process that refocused the company on its core competencies, incentivized all employees to be business development focused and provided for regular tracking, reporting and gate reviews for opportunities.

• Added a DCAA approved Subcontractor/Direct Material Handling Pool to the company’s rate structure to allow the Company to be a competitive prime and led to a $26M award this year. Proposed the company’s first forward pricing rates.


Consulting Chief Financial Officer

As a consultant to PSS, Inc., reported directly to the President and CEO of Aegis as an interim consultant in the CFO role of this $125M State Department contractor. The company provides physical security services to the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Assignment began five months after start of contract that took the company from 16 employees to 1,600 employees and contractors. Was retained as CFO significantly past period of initial engagement based on performance and accomplishments. Responsibilities included correcting system deficiencies, improving processes, finance, and accounting.

GAP SOLUTIONS, INC., Reston, VA 01/2012 – 01/2013

Chief Financial Officer

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, served as CFO of this $25M federal government staffing contractor. Brought in for this short-term assignment by the company’s bank to improve reporting, systems and controls. Implemented a number of systems, processes and controls to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and improve the timeliness and accuracy of the financial reporting. Hired new accounting staff – the majority of which remain at the company today.

STRATEGIC SOCIAL, Arlington, VA 9/09 – Present

Chief Operating Officer

Strategic Social provides global technology solutions, media production and social research.  We shape the future for our customers through culturally informed products and solutions, enabling real-time access to the right data in challenging environments.


Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Reporting directly to the Chairman and CEO, function in a senior leadership position resulting in the growth of this federal government telecommunications contractor from revenues of $86M in 2005 to a $131M business in 2008 with net income growth from $507K in 2005 to over $9.5M (over 1700% increase). Responsibilities include finance, accounting, operations, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and all aspects of administration.

Accomplishments included:
* Turned around the company which was in severe financial straits including significant debt, a $1.5M tax lien, a maxed out line of credit and an inability to produce financial statements or accurate financial reporting.

* Obtained $2M in additional debt in late 2005 with very little documentation.

* Completed the financial turnaround in 5 months significantly reducing the line of credit, eliminating the tax lien and past due vendor debt and a clean audit opinion

* Promoted to COO in 2006 and led the reorganization of the management team, developed a focus on business development and instituted sound program management practices leading to the company’s rapid growth and significantly improved profitability.

* Led the successful effort to sell the company in early 2007.

* Developed and led the company’s internal review processes allowing for early identification of problems, program manager training and the allocation of management resources.

TRIVERITY CORPORATION, Chantilly, VA 10/03 – 11/05

Senior Vice President Operations and Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Secretary and Treasurer

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, function in a senior leadership position of this small commercial technology restart. Responsibilities included finance, accounting, operations, strategic planning, legal and budgeting.

Accomplishments included:
* Recapitalized the company to allow for continued investment.

* Reduced borrowing cost by over a full percentage point by restructuring debt.

* Developed new revenue model to include a recurring revenue stream and reduced expenses.

* Key team member in the development of the new business model which resulted in the capture of over 100 new partners expected to produce annual revenue of over $10M on a recurring basis.



Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Treasurer

Reporting directly to the Chairman and CEO, function in a senior leadership position resulting in the growth of this federal government contractor and its commercial technology subsidiary from combined revenues of $40M in 1999 to a $65M business in 2002. Responsibilities include finance, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and budgeting.

Accomplishments included:
* Completely overhauled the accounting department and systems after years of neglect into an efficient service oriented department positioned for corporate growth.

* Wrote the business plan for and led the spin off of the Flight Explorer subsidiary to separate this internet-based commercial technology business from its federal government contractor parent to improve the combined valuation and provide the focus for its growth. Served as Chief Financial Officer during its growth to profitability.
* Converted Company from a high level borrower ($ 8.5M in debt in 1999) to a regular investor ($ 500K invested in 2003) through system improvements and aggressive cash management. Negotiated a 1.5% reduction in the interest rate and a significant reduction in non-interest fees and covenants on the line of credit.

* Restructured the indirect rates to allow for growth, improved profitability and flexible pricing strategies.

* Reduced overhead rate overruns from $ 2.2M (20 % of costs) in 1999 to an under run of $ 150K in 2002 by instilling budget management processes and the identification and implementation of indirect cost reductions.

* Lead business developer in 2002. Directly responsible for over $6M in annual revenue.
* Implemented an internet based management reporting system that allows program managers to view all aspects of their programs, employees and vendors dating back to 1997. Consolidated the Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Contracts databases into a single system to improve accuracy and access to information.

* Developed and led the company’s internal review processes allowing for early identification of problems, program manager training and the allocation of management resources.

* Led the effort to convert the ESOP from a negative with the employees to a positive recruiting and retention tool through employee education and communication, timely reporting, and benefit restructuring. Brought the ESOP and 401(k) plan into compliance with ERISA.

MIKOH CORPORATION, McLean, VA 12/98 – 8/99

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Secretary

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, developed the business plan and financial model for this early-stage technology company resulting in its funding and a strategic partnership with the industry leader. Valuation increased 1,000 percent from $2.5M in December 1998 to over $25M. Responsibilities included finance, strategic planning, business development, contract negotiation and all administrative activities. Served as Corporate Secretary.

Accomplishments include:
* Developed the initial business plan including a “click charge” based revenue model and a marketing strategy utilizing existing distribution channels.

* Negotiated a strategic partnership agreement with the industry leader in our market segment including the initial technology sale and minimum revenue requirements.

* Funding obtained based on the strategic partnership agreement and business plan.

* Functioning as the Corporate Secretary, completed the incorporation, registration, tax and other regulatory requirements necessary to transact business.

SIGNAL CORPORATION, Fairfax, VA 1/94 – 12/98

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, function in a senior leadership position resulting in the rapid growth of this federal government contractor over a four year period from a $9M business with 250 employees to a $150M business with 1,300 employees in over 60 locations. Responsibilities include finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, risk management, accounting, budgeting, facilities and administration.

Accomplishments include:
* Developed, refined and improved the business systems necessary to facilitate a 1500% increase in revenues. These systems received ISO 9001 certification in 1998.

* Reduced cost overruns from $850K (25% of costs) in 1993 to under $100K (1/2 %) in 1997 through management of indirect costs.

* Developed and implemented a business strategy that directly resulted in $250M in new business.

* Negotiated successful placement of a $10M line of credit facility resulting in an interest rate reduction of 2% and a significant reduction of non-interest fees and covenants.

* Negotiated the successful sale of a subsidiary company.

* Developed a management review process that helped result in an “Exceeds Customer Expectations” rating from Dunn & Bradstreet.

* Converted SIGNAL from a regular borrower ($1.4M in debt in 1994) to a regular investor ($9M invested) through aggressive cash management and deferral of significant tax liabilities.

* Identified in excess of $200K in multi state tax credits related to job growth.

* Developed a broad network of business relationships spanning the financial, political and information technology communities.

TECHMATICS, INC., Fairfax, VA 1/90 – 1/94

Senior Director of Finance/Corporate Treasurer

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, held a senior leadership position resulting in the growth of this federal government contractor and commercial services provider from an $18M business with 300 employees to a $45M business with over 700 employees. Responsible for all the finance and accounting functions including budgeting, cash management, and income tax planning. Also served as Corporate Treasurer.

Accomplishments included:
* Played a key role in the development of the formal corporate strategic plan.

* Developed and implemented an incentive compensation program for key managers at the direction of the Board of Directors.

* Identified and executed a creative “risk free” 17.5% return on invested capital during a facilities lease negotiation.

DELEX SYSTEMS, INC., Vienna, VA 4/87 – 1/90

Director of Accounting

Responsible for the accounting function of this $15M, 225 employee federal government contractor.

Accomplishments included:
* Successful completion of the conversion to a new accounting package to enable the company’s growth and enhance reporting. Integrated the Human Resources and Contracts management systems into the Accounting/Management system to significantly reduce errors and duplicate data entry.
* Managed five incurred cost audits by government audit agencies resulting in no questioned items.

ARTHUR ANDERSEN & CO., McLean, VA 8/82 – 10/86

Senior Auditor

Clients varied in size from international public companies with several subsidiaries to small closely held companies. Accomplishments included:
* Selected to participate in a firm wide task force to streamline audit work programs for small business audits.
* Lead senior on an IPO engagement.
* Selected to spend two busy seasons in the tax department preparing corporate and individual tax returns.


VIRGINIA TECH, Blacksburg, VA 9/78 – 8/82

Bachelor of Science in Business
Accounting Major
Vice President, Beta Alpha Psi (Honorary Accounting Fraternity)


Northern Virginia Technology Council – President’s Award – 1997
Greater Washington Technology CFO of the Year Award – 1998
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce – Chairman’s Award – 2003
Smart CEO Magazine – CFO of the Year – 2007


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Professional Services Council
* Board of Directors
* Government Affairs Committee
* Finance and Cash Flow Task Force

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
* Coalition to Keep Contractors Competitive – Founder and Chair
* Northern Virginia Government Contractors Council (GOVCON) – Founder and Chair
* Board of Directors – 1998 – 2006
* Executive Committee – 1998 – 2003

Northern Virginia Technology Council
* Member
* Board of Directors – 1997 – 2000
* CFO Forum – Founder

Security Clearance: Top Secret