Pat has significant financial experience. He began his career at the Big Eight accounting firm Arthur Andersen and earned his Certified Public Accountant certificate in 1985.  Pat has worked for several fast-growing Fairfax County-based government contractors and gained a reputation as a “go-to” Chief Financial Officer who possesses leadership, management, and financial skills that ensure success in a fast-paced environment and can turn a troubled company around. It is clear now more than ever we need a Supervisor who understands fiscal responsibility and can read and comprehend a balance sheet.

Pat has always been active with transportation issues and is a strong believer in transportation enhancements that support our growing community.  He was a leader in the push for the Northern Crossing, was a strong early advocate for telework/telecommuting programs, and has been an outspoken supporter of the beltway HOT lanes and their carpooling and mass-transit benefits.  Pat was a co-drafter of the first Northern Virginia Transportation Compact, which was signed by most of the business organizations in Northern Virginia in 2000.

Before serving as Springfield Supervisor, Pat has helped lead a coalition of business organizations that reduced the unfair sales and use tax burden on Virginia’s government contractors.  At the time the coalition was founded, Virginia was the only state that treated purchases by the federal government under service contracts as taxable.  This unfair taxation resulted in a competitive disadvantage for Fairfax County’s government contractors.  Thanks in a large part to Pat’s contributions to the coalition, Fairfax County’s federal government contractors are on a more level playing field.

Pat regularly travels to Richmond to work with legislators on tax and transportation issues.   He has extensive leadership experience with Northern Virginia communities, businesses, and politics.  He has served on:

The Northern Virginia Technology Council, as:

  • The first Chairman of the Transportation/Telework Committee;
  • A Founder of the CFO Forum Steering Committee;
  • A member of the Board of Directors.

REGION, an association of Northern Virginia business organizations, as:

  • Treasurer;
  • A member of the founding Board of Directors.

The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, as:

  • A Founder and the first Chairman of Transportation Choices, an effort to promote use of HOT lanes and mass transit;
  • A Founder and the first Chairman of the Northern Virginia Government Contractors Council;
  • Treasurer;
  • A member of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors.

The Professional Services Council, as:

  • A member of the Board of Directors
  • A member of the Government Affairs Committee;
  • A member of the Finance and Cash Flow Task Force.

Pat is also a current member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Pat has also been recognized for his leadership experience.  He is known for being an innovator and a leader in the business groups with which he has been involved.  As a result, Pat has received some of the highest awards of recognition that the groups offer, including

  • Northern Virginia Technology Council’s CFO of the Year Community Service Award
  • Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman’s Award
  • Northern Virginia Technology Council’s President’s Award
  • SmartCEO magazine’s Chief Financial Officer of the Year Award

Please see Pat’s Business/Community/Civic Resume for a more complete listing of his service to the community.