The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors is responsible for elevating Realtor® success by delivering exceptional value, driving innovation, and impacting industry.
The Associated Builders and Contractors provide important support to the construction industry central to the success of the Springfield District’s local economy.
The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce provides support for businesses across Northern Virginia with resources, grants, assistance and updates on key advocacy and legislative policies.
Selected by the residents of Fairfax County as the best Public Servant in the Gazette Newspapers “Best of” reader poll for seven years in a row.
The Police Benevolent Association Virginia Chapter provides critical resources and support for the men and women who serve in law enforcement. To read VAPBA’s endorsement of Pat Herrity, click here.
The Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA) was formed to create a positive economic and political climate for the building industry.

Puneet Ahluwalia
The Hon. Dave Albo
Nancy Albrittain Bright
Marc Andersen
John Backus
Ann Baise
Gary Baise
Denise Balzano
Greg Baroni
Ovidio Baten
Wes Bausserman
Anthony Bedell
Mike Bennett
Tom Bolvin
Dan Borinsky
Jerry Boykin
David Branscome
Chris Bright
Scott Brown
Matt Calkins
Mike Carlin
Mindy Carlin
George Cave
Mel Chaskin
Taylor Chess
Amb. Jason Chung
Giovanna Cinelli
Tracy Schar and Chris Clemente
Nick Clemente
The Hon. Barbara Comstock
Zack Condry
The Hon. Sean Connaughton
The Hon. John Cook
Sandy Crippen
Gerarda Culipher
Ron Dabbieri
Rich Danker
The Hon. Tom Davis
Pat Dean
Ron Devine
Mike Doherty
Dick Duvall
Kevin Fay
Ken Feng
Michael Ferraro
The Hon. Peter Fitzgerald
Len Forkas
Mark Frantz
The Hon. John Frey

Gene Frogale
Jane Gandee
Arthur Genuario
Rick Genuario
Ted and Rachel Georgelas
David and Lorna Gladstone
Brian Gordan
Sam Gray
Jeffery Greenfield
Dave Guernsey
Joe Hadeed
Rob Hartwell
Tom Healy
Scott Hommer
Todd House
The Hon. Tim Hugo
Jim Hyland
Marty Irving
Joseph Jablonski
Bruce Jennings
Bob and Joyce Johnson
Gary Jones
Susan Jones
Mike Jordan
Allan Jorgenson
Lilian Jorgenson
Brian Kearney
Ed Kearney
Vince Kelly
Chris Kerge
The Hon. Bobbie Kilberg
Bill Kilberg
Scott Klein
Eric Koefoot
Paul Kyle
The Hon. Jim Lemunyon
Ali Manouchehri
Clark Massie
Caleb Max
The Hon. Michael May
Jay McConville
Scott McGeary
Bruce McLeod
Nick Meads
The Hon. Ron Meyer
Larry Michaels
The Hon. Randy Minchew
Norris Mitchell
Bud Morrissette

Joe and Janis Nash
The Hon. Marty Nohe
Jon Norton
Ken Nunnenkamp
Geoff Pence
Amb. Robert F. Pence
Jon Peterson
Tom Peterson
Rick Peterson
Geoff Pohanka
Dale Powell
Cecil Pruitt
Frank Puleo
Fouad Qreitem
Gary Rappaport
Gant Redmon
Lola Reinsch
Kevin Reynolds
Bill Ridenour
Dan Rinzel
Charles Robbins
Chief Robbins
Brent Roberts
Phil Rosenthal
Burt Rubin
Allan Ruppar
The Hon. Tom Rust
John Sabo
Dwight Schar
Sam Schreiber
Paul Sheehy
Peter Sirh
David Skiles
Sal Speziale
Scott Stephens
Steve Stombres
James Thomas
Mike Thompson
Casey Veatch
Demetri Venets
William Warnecki
Dana Weinberg
Kirk Wiles
Bill Wiygul
Jim Wordsworth
Ron Wright
Dendy Young
The Hon. Sang Yi