In 2007, after many years of watching the Board of Supervisors lead Fairfax County down the wrong path, I decided enough was enough.  Under then Chairman Gerry Connolly, taxes on homeowners had doubled, spending was out of control, and transportation had ceased to be a county priority. Seeing the need for new, principled leadership in Fairfax County I made the decision to run for Springfield District Supervisor and in one of the worst years for Republicans, I won with 59% of the vote.

Since then I have been working hard for you to grow the economy, reduce the regulatory burden on our homeowners and businesses, cut spending and taxes, protect our suburban neighborhoods, keep our schools the best in the country, and alleviate traffic congestion.

Cutting Government Spending & Lowering Taxes

Your taxes doubled between 2000 and 2007, but are you getting twice the service? Since I joined the Board in 2008, I have been a leader in the effort to cut taxes and make the government more transparent and efficient. Specifically, I led the efforts to:

  • Vote against the Board’s 27% pay increase.
  • Vote against the $30M bail out of a bank.
  • Vote against the 17% increases in real estate taxes over the last 3 years.
  • Oppose the single-industry Meals Tax which hurts businesses and increases the cost of food for our families
  • Eliminate duplication, improving efficiency and outsourcing where practical.
  • Address one of the county’s biggest expenses – employee pensions.
  • Grow the commercial tax base (not taxes) to relieve the tax burden on homeowners and pay for county services.
  • Fight against unnecessary spending like subsidized, rent controlled housing for people making over $75,000 per year. We need to focus resources on those most in need who can’t help themselves like the elderly and disabled.
  • Put the county’s checkbook online so you can see where we spend money.

Protecting Our Suburban Neighborhoods and Families

Our suburban neighborhoods are a big part of what makes Fairfax County great and are a top reason people move to the Springfield district. I have been a leader in protecting them by:

  • Actively working with communities to solve their problems.
  • Giving the police the resources they need to fight gangs, human trafficking, the heroin epidemic, and crime.
  • Stopping the RSU proposal which would have changed the character of our communities by allowing single family homes to be made into duplexes and condos.
  • Ensuring the county works with ICE to deport criminal illegal aliens that are in our jails.
  • Leading the creation of the Board’s 50+ Community Action Plan to prepare for the age wave. The plan’s 31 initiatives regarding housing, transportation, community engagement, services, safety and health and long-range planning are in the process of being implemented.

Focusing Education Resources in the Classroom

Schools are the number one reason residents and businesses locate in Fairfax County, and in order for them to remain strong we must keep the best teachers in Fairfax County and focus our resources in the classroom and on the teachers and kids. As your Supervisor I:

  • Led the effort to have the School Board hire an independent auditor to ensure a transparent and independent review of programs and controls.
  • Saved FCPS over $35M annually by pointing out their lapse rate calculation was incorrect.
  • Will continue to serve as a check on the School Board to ensure we spend our education resources effectively.
  • Will work to reduce the administrative and training burdens put on our teachers.

Reducing Transportation Congestion

Traffic congestion destroys our quality of life. I am an advocate for common sense creative transportation solutions that get people moving and to their jobs and homes faster. I have had many successes during my time on the Board and have more to do including:

  • I led the successful effort to open the I-66 ramps at Monument and Stringfellow during non-HOV hours and the extended use of shoulder lanes during periods of high congestion including weekends.
  • I led the effort to convert the Fairfax County Parkway from a secondary to a primary road to bring additional state funding for maintenance and construction – I have asked the Board to use this strategy elsewhere – including Braddock Road.
  • I will push to use county bonding and rezoning proffers to fund congestion relieving transportation improvements that are vital to our residents and businesses.
  • I am leading an effort to develop a cost effective, interconnected mass transit system using dedicated and semi-dedicated roadways to encourage mass transit use.
  • I am a leader in the effort to begin construction of an Express Lanes solution on I-66 by 2017.
  • I have reached out to officials in Maryland to start a discussion about the Northern Crossing, a second Potomac River crossing, and will continue to promote this common sense project that would be a boon for Dulles Airport and the tech industry in the Dulles corridor.

Growing Jobs & Our Economy

We have a proud history of economic development and job growth in Fairfax County, but it is something that we must continue to work at in order to sustain. Businesses use $0.60 in services for every dollar they put in, a thriving business community is essential to keeping homeowner taxes low, and providing the well-paying jobs that county residents are used to. I will continue to use my private sector experience to:

  • Diversify our business base to ensure our future prosperity by leveraging our capabilities in information technology, cyber and health care.
  • Work to develop cooperative research programs for our local universities.
  • Return our school system to best in the nation status.
  • Continue to lead the fight to eliminate unnecessary regulatory burdens on our homeowners and businesses.
  • Attract capital to fund startups and fuel small business growth.

Communication with Constituents

Since day one I have operated with the mantra of “you may not agree with me, but you’ll know where I stand” and have committed myself to two-way communication with constituents. I was the first member of the Board to produce an electronic newsletter, and am also active on social media.

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