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The Herrity Report: Next Steps in Addressing Panhandling in our Community

September 12, 2019

Next Steps on Addressing Panhandling in our Community: Next Tuesday, September 17th, the Board will be following up on how Fairfax County will be addressing increasing concerns with panhandling in our community including a potential “curb to curb” safety ordinance, a sign program, and a public awareness campaign. I am pleased to announce that the county has started a pilot program modeled in part after the “There’s A Better Way” Program I proposed two years ago, designed to provide dignity through work and get homeless and panhandlers into needed services.

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The Herrity Report: Final Free Concert in the Park & Other Events

August 15, 2019

Final Free Concert in The Park Wednesday night, August 21st, 2019: The Skip Castro Band, the number one East Coast college band in the 80’s will be headlining our final free concert of the Springfield Nights Summer Concert Series at Burke Lake Park. The fun starts at 7PM. See below for more details.

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The Herrity Report: Addressing Panhandling in our Community

July 17, 2019

Addressing Panhandling in Our Community: Yesterday, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved my motion to have staff to draft an ordinance that would prohibit “curb to curb” engagement with cars while in medians or intersections. While there are some who panhandle because they need to, many more take advantage of the generosity of our residents through panhandling rings. This is a public safety and community issue we need to address.

Fairfax County’s Response to Recent Flooding: The record-breaking rainstorm on the morning of Monday, July 8, 2019 was felt countywide as we experienced flooded roads, homes, businesses, public facilities and motorists stranded in their vehicles. At yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board declared a local emergency to allow residents and businesses to file damage reports so that the county can further evaluate whether it will pursue federal disaster aid. The Office of Emergency Management has asked residents and businesses to file damage reports and notify the county of damage as a result of the storm. The Board has approved temporarily waiving all fees related to building permits, including trades, for all repairs to correct damages arising from and directly associated with the July 8. 2019, weather event.

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Herrity Announces Endorsements from over 200 Local Business Leaders

July 16, 2019
Contact: Lee Jackson, 703-239-2674
Herrity Announces Endorsements from over 200 Local Business Leaders
Herrity Announces Business Leaders Support & Small Business Tour
West Springfield, Virginia- Following the conclusion of a successful fundraising quarter anchored by his Annual Business Leaders Lunch, Pat Herrity announced the endorsement of over 200 local business leaders.
“I am honored to have so many of Fairfax County's business leaders supporting my re-election effort this year. As Chief Financial Officer of a small veteran-owned business, I understand the importance of small businesses in our communities and the challenges those businesses encounter,” said Herrity. “As a Supervisor, I have led efforts to reform our zoning and permitting processes and make the County more business-friendly.”
“Pat understands what is needed to create an environment where all Fairfax County businesses can flourish and continue to grow,” said Arthur “Bud” Morrissette, President, Interstate Companies. “It is impossible to find a stronger advocate for responsible growth and moving Fairfax County’s economy forward than Pat Herrity.”
Pat also announced the kick-off of his small business tour throughout the Springfield Magisterial District and the surrounding area. The first stop will be Peterson’s Ice Cream in Clifton. Details will be released shortly.

Supervisor Herrity’s support in the business community is broad-based and significantly different than the typical Supervisor support from the development community. This support reflects his 30 plus years of leadership in the business community. Supervisor Herrity has served as an officer, Board member and Executive committee member of several business organizations. He is known for being an innovator and a leader in the business groups with which he has been involved. As a result, Pat has received some of the highest awards of recognition that the groups offer, including:
•Northern Virginia Technology Council’s CFO of the Year Community Service Award
•Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman’s Award
•Northern Virginia Technology Council’s President’s Award
•SmartCEO Magazine’s Top Chief Financial Officer Award

The Herrity Report: Some Surprising Truths about Recycling

June 17, 2019

In This Issue:

Some Surprising Truths About Recycling – Most residents are trying to do the right thing by recycling. Below I share some facts about what actually gets recycled, and how to recycle better.

Update on the Trash Collection Issues – Fairfax County’s Solid Waste Management Program has entered into a Consent Agreement with American Disposal Services Inc. and service, although down to once-a-week for some neighborhoods, is improving.   

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The Herrity Report: Free Concerts at Burke Lake Park/Indoor Downhill Skiing

June 5, 2019

In This Issue:

Second Annual Free Summer Concert Series at Burke Lake Park

I’m excited to invite you back to beautiful Burke Lake Park every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. from July 10th to August 14th for exciting live music. Also back by popular demand: 2 Silos beer and Petersons ice cream. Details below.

Indoor Ski Slope Coming to the Fairfax County Landfill

When Alpine-X approached me nearly two years ago through my work with the Sports Tourism Task Force offering an innovative way to utilize the elevation of the county-owned landfill in Lorton, I was eager to help. The fiscal, sports, and community benefits of this opportunity are numerous. These include new jobs, exciting new snow sports opportunities, the potential for high school ski teams, new hotel and restaurant amenities for the South County area, premier national competitions, as well as financial benefits to our taxpayers from the lease, sales tax, and hotel tax revenue streams.

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The Herrity Report: Initial Thoughts on the FY2020 Budget

April 4, 2019

In This Issue:

Initial Thoughts on the FY2020 Budget – Election year budgets tend to be lean and this one is no exception. The real caution is the election year promises being made for the FY2021 budget that already has a projected $75M shortfall.

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Fairfax County Expands Drug Take Back Box Program

January 10, 2019
Fairfax County Expands Drug Take Back Box Program
“Another important step in addressing the opioid public health crisis”

January 10, 2019
CONTACT: Dave Foreman 703-987-7165/703-451-8873

Fairfax, VA – This week, Fairfax County announced the expansion of the Prescription Drug Take Back Box Program countywide. The boxes are available 24/7/365 at each district police station. The program is being administered by the Property and Evidence Section of the Fairfax County Police Department so there will be minimal disruption to the important work of our police station personnel. 

In January of 2017, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved Supervisor Herrity’s motion to establish permanent Drug Take Back Boxes in each of our district police stations. These boxes were proven successful in many jurisdictions across the country and the Commonwealth. In October of 2017, the first Fairfax County Drug Take Back Box was piloted in the West Springfield District Police station, located in the main lobby just outside of Supervisor Herrity’s office. The box has been in the lobby for any person to anonymously and safely dispose of their prescription medications 24/7/365 - no questions asked. Since its inception, the Drug Take Back Box has been a tremendous success, accumulating over 735 pounds of prescription drugs and opioids to date.

While the county is not seeing the opioid public health crisis as acutely as other parts of Virginia, we must continue to face the fact that the opioid crisis is in our neighborhoods and schools. Addiction is happening in all parts of the county. It is important to get unused medicines, especially opioids, out of your medicine cabinets to prevent accidental or illicit use.

Several Fairfax County pharmacies also take back unused prescription drugs. For a current list please go to .  Supervisor Herrity has also pushed for legislation to increase the number of pharmacies that will take back unused prescription drugs.

Supervisor Herrity provided the following statement:

"This is great news for our community as we continue the fight against opioids. I am very proud to have initiated this program over two years ago and of the tremendous success we have seen here at the West Springfield District Police Station." And added “About 75% of opioid addicts start with prescription drugs, this is another important step in addressing the opioid public health crisis.”